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Long Road To Hollywood

The Long Road to Hollywood is a fictional narrative of a deeply disturbed man who drives a truck and kills women across the country. Suffering from multiple personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, he recounts the events of his life in the first person. These articles are sexually graphic and contain extreme violence and adult language. They are intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.

The stories should be read in reverse order, starting with The Long Road Begins Chapter 1.

The Early Years Part 1

I was always a loner growing up. I didn’t have what you would call friends. I don’t suppose that I even had acquaintances for the most part....

Road Kill; Chapter 2

Following the death of the little slut from Hollywood, I was riding on a natural high. You could say that everything had worked out pretty much the...

The Long Road Begins: Chapter 1

I know you are probably not inclined to believe me, but I have no reason to lie to you. Petty games are not my thing, and I...

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