Sex Workers Struggling With Coronavirus


On Friday I delivered in Sacramento. Once I was unloaded, I headed on over to the 49er Truck Stop. They have a paid parking lot. However, this isn’t to be confused with a secured parking lot. No attendant at the booth on the way in or out. You get a ticket at the gate, and the machine scans it on the way out.

As I was coming through the gate, a car slipped in behind me. I didn’t pay much attention. I assumed it was a driver picking something up from his truck. Or perhaps someone picking up their significant other for the weekend. Nope. It was a lot lizard.

I parked my truck, and she apparently circled the lot. A few minutes later she stopped near me and walked up. “Can I do anything to earn a few bucks?”. I lied about not having any cash. But then I got to thinking about it.

The coronavirus has to be tough on these hookers. People are treating it worse than STDs. Nobody walks around wearing latex gloves and a mask because they’re worried about catching AIDS. It made me wonder if business is down. Then a friend of mine tweeted this picture.

Sex workers struggling with coronavirus.

It’s a humorous twist on the quarantine. Yet still, of all the ways to get laid off as a stripper. Not a herpes flare up. A hemorrhoid. No, people are worried about getting corona, so she can’t make a few bucks flashing her goods.

What’s wrong with a little social distancing? Can’t she strip 6 feet away from the customers? Granted, that’s not close enough to feel the baby kick, but somebody would still pay. When did sex workers forget how to social distance?

So let’s not overreact here. We know how to do this. Condoms, glory holes, and a rope around the stripper stage can get us all through this crisis. At least until Congress bails out the sex workers.


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