Samuel Adams in Cincinnati


I love Cincinnati. It’s a beautiful city. However, I generally hate picking up or delivering there. That’s not the case with Samuel Adams in Cincinnati. It’s easy to get in and out of, and the loads don’t pay to bad for beer. Furthermore, they’re usually pretty good runs we get out of there going out west.

Another cool thing about picking up at Samuel Adams (for us, anyway) is it’s all drop and hook. We don’t even go into the plant. You drop your empty in one yard, pick up your loaded one in another, and away you go.

Samuel Adams in Cincinnati

Right down the road from Samuel Adams is a burger joint in an old trolley car. It’s called Ollie’s Trolley. Here they are on Facebook.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to eat there yet. I’m always there either late at night or early in the morning. Hence, I haven’t gotten to eat there yet. However, everyone raves about their food. Furthermore, they’ve got a really cool location right on the corner by Samuel Adams. Check them out.

Ollie’s Trolley in Cincinnati

It’s a really cool place. I believe even the Obamas have eaten there. I’m going to check them out first chance I get. Too bad I’ll be driving so I can’t have a Sam Adams with my burger.


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