Pilot Travel Center in Bentleyville PA


The Pilot Travel Center in Bentleyville Pennsylvania is a great place to get out and go for a walk or bike ride. First, there is a grocery store next plaza up if you need to do some shopping. Secondly, there is a sidewalk that runs all the way into town on both sides of the street for nearly 2 miles. Lastly, there is a park with a .25 mile walking or biking path.

Richardson Park in Bentleyville PA

Just walk out of the truck stop and hang a right to head into town. When you get to Washington (at traffic light, Sunoco on the corner) hang a left and follow the signs to the park. For more info and maps click here.

Using the track for walking, travel in a clockwise direction. Biking, travel counter-clockwise. There’s also some nice scenery to enjoy. Furthermore, if you just want to relax and read or whatever there’s plenty of shade and some benches and picnic tables.

Things to do in Bentleyville PA

Pilot Travel Center in Bentleyville Pa

I won’t lie, there isn’t a whole lot. However, it’s a classic PA town. A nice stroll to check out the downtown area is relaxing. There are some local restaurants and taverns you can check out too. However the highlight for me is easily the exercise areas and the park. Makes it worth stopping at that less than ideal Pilot.


  1. I don’t like this truck stop, but I’ve been thinking about getting a bike. I might have to consider stopping there if I do.


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