No Car Pulling In Somerset Kentucky


If you’re ever passing through Somerset Kentucky, you’ve got to stop by the East Way Market. You guessed it. It’s west of town on KY 80. If you live locally, however, and you’re wanting to start up a carpool, I think that’s against the rules. I’m not sure of that, but I’m guessing that’s what they mean.

No car pulling in Somerset Kentucky
The hell you say?!?

I’m assuming they mean carpooling, because in order to tow your shit they would have to do some car pulling. Clearly, that’s against the rules. If I had a car with me I would park it there just to see what Jim Bob does when he gets here. I’m guessing he’d do some car pulling.

Trailer Trash Real Estate Advertising Block

Antique bus camper.

For Rent:

Partially furnished, A/C doesn’t work, windows do roll down. Three hunnit and fiddy dollars a month. Ask for Cooter.


Shippers Dispatch trailer.
Storage trailer. Shippers Dispatch merged with Preston 151 in 1977, so that’s an oldie right there.

Alright, my apologies to the fine folks at the East Way Market on the west side of Somerset Kentucky. In all seriousness, it’s a pretty area over here.

No car pulling in Somerset Kentucky.

By the by…

If you’re stuck over here and need a vape, they do have a couple decent pods and juices for sale in there. Smok gear and Cuttwood and Candy King liquids. Couple other brands too, and some CBD.


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