Nashville Street Art


My stepdaughter went down to her father’s house for a week during summer vacation. She was coming back home today, so we had to meet them in Lebanon Tennessee to retrieve her. This put me relatively close to Nashville, and there’s a vape shop I’ve been wanting to check out for awhile over that way. It’s called Gaslight Vapor. This is them.

So we swung by Nashville to check these guys out. As it turns out, they are only about a mile and a half from the T/A truck stop in downtown Nashville. Hence, if you’re feeling ambitious, you could walk over to them. Moreover, if you have a bike the trip would be a breeze.

While we were driving in I noticed a bunch of street art. There’s some really cool stuff over there too. Some of it is a little cheesy, but a lot of it is top notch. I decided to get some pictures and share it with you guys.

Nashville Street Art

I’ll try to capture some more of this art next time I’m over that way. In the meantime, enjoy my latest art acquisition from DDOX Art.




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