Loves Truck Stop in Mifflinville PA


Here’s another great truck stop to park at and get some exercise. The Loves Truck Stop in Mifflinville PA is on a state highway that has a wide shoulder. Thus, you can easily ride your bike or walk down into town.

Things to do in Mifflinville PA

When you leave the truck stop and hang a left, there’s a Dollar General on your right if you need supplies. Other than that, there are some local eateries in town, including a pizza place on the left at the four way stop that smelled amazing.

Park in Mifflinville Pa

There are also two parks in town. For the preferred one, hang a left at the 4 way stop and you’ll see it on the right about a block up. It’s a nice place to relax by the river. There’s also this nice little war memorial.

Mifflinville Pa veterans memorial.

For those wanting a bike ride, the shoulders are wide on the main road and the side roads are good for riding too. Also, there’s a nice wide bridge over the river you can ride across. I didn’t go exploring over there but perhaps next time I will.



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