Los Angeles Street Art


In October of last year I hauled a load out to Los Angeles. It had two stops out there. The first was on Sunday night, the second on Monday morning. Therefore I wanted to find a place to park so I didn’t have to drive all the way out to Ontario then fight rush hour back in the morning.

Fortunately, there was a wide spot down the road from my first stop. I was able to park there. It was directly across the street from a movie studio where they were doing some night time shooting outside. It was pretty cool, although I don’t know what they were filming.

One great thing about L.A. is the graffiti and the street art. I know some folks consider it to be an eyesore, but I’m a huge fan of the stuff. I couldn’t get enough. Here are some of the pictures I got while I was there.

L.A. Street Art

The nighttime photos were taken by my first stop. The daylight images came from the second. Interestingly enough, they were shooting car commercials over by that place. I was also able to get these shots with the skyline in the background from that location.

Los Angeles isn’t always a great place to deliver, but this one worked out great and I got these pictures to boot. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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