FOX News Branches Out Into Covering News


After a 3 year hiatus, FOX News has apparently decided to go back to covering actual news. They apparently have called back the reporters who were looking for Hillary’s personal stash of uranium, from which of course she supplies the Russians. At this time it is still unclear as to who will pick up their investigations into Pizzagate, Rafael Cruz’ involvement in the JFK assassination, and Seth Rich’s murder.

It’s good to see FOX News get back into the game. This week, they hosted a Townhall with Mayor Pete. For those of you keeping score at home, not only is he a Democrat, but he’s also a gay homosexual who has sex with a man to whom he is married. Pete is a man as well. Moreover, they are both gay men who have sex with each other. Not that FOX News sees anything wrong with that. However, somebody had a big problem with that.

Trump Be Tweetin

For those of you wondering who Alfred E. Newman is, I’m right there with you. I’m assuming our illiterate Commander in Chief meant Alfred E. Neuman? If so, that would be this guy.

Now I, for one, am glad President Trump addressed this point. Let’s be honest. Have you ever seen him in the same room with Alfred? It’s good to know they’re not the same person. Which clearly they aren’t, since Trump is President and Al never will be. I digress.

Now as it turns out, FOX News preempted a scheduled 2 hour investigation into Obama’s birth certificate to make room for a Democrat, so I can see why Trump is MAD, pardon the pun. He went on to rant later.

Trump Rips FOX (news).

What’s going on with FOX? They’re putting on more Democrats than Republicans.

Now again, I’m left with the task of translating Trump into reality. By “FOX” I’m assuming he means “FOX News”. Now that we’ve made the statement realistic, let’s have fun with how stupid it is. First, keep in mind that FOX News (fair and balanced is their slogan) airs a show called “The Five” which puts 4 Republicans against 1 Democrat.

Now to be fair, there is a legitimate complaint to be made here. FOX News has put on 2 Democrats running for President and only 1 out of 3 of the Republicans running. That one being Trump. Making the obvious conclusion, if we assume that President Trump has a working brain, that he is complaining about a lack of coverage of his Primary opponents.

Of course he isn’t. He’s complaining that FOX News has returned to covering news. It appears that The State is losing it’s grip on their controlled media outlet.


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