Folding Bikes are Great for Truckers


I got my first folding bike about 6 years ago. I didn’t want to leave my bike out in the elements or have it stolen. So, I got one that folds up and rides in the passenger seat. Thing is though, they were (and still can be) very expensive. However, you can find some for a decent price now. This year I picked one up with 26″ wheels to make riding much easier.

My old folder.

My first folding bike was a Gotham from Citizen Bike. It’s a 7 speed with 20 in wheels. You can still get one here. However, they are $400 with none of the options. Here’s what mine looks like.

It’s definitely lighter and takes up less room than my current folding bike. It’s also better quality. That said, I gave up a little to get a lot. Here’s my 26″ 21 speed folding bike I bought on Amazon.

This bad boy comes in at under $240. Optionally, you can get it with mag wheels for a few bucks more but that makes it heavier. Hence, I went with the spokes. Furthermore, they don’t tune the gears so you’ll need some patience or a bike shop nearby. I took mine to Caney Fork Cycle and they hooked me up with a full tune up for $60.

If you decide to get a bike for out on the road, Under Armour makes a great app called “Map My Ride”. You can find it in the play store. It will help you track your rides and find routes to run.


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