Delivering Beer in Boston


I love Craft Beer. Occasionally, I get to haul some. On Sunday I delivered a load in Pittston Pennsylvania. They had a load of Sierra Nevada sitting on the yard. It had to be in Boston on Monday morning, so they put it on me. A little overnight run.

Now if you’re a trucker who’s ever hauled beer, you know that it doesn’t typically pay very well. However, this one paid $3 a mile. Nice. Furthermore, this distribution center was unusual. They only do craft beer. Hence the name.

Craft Beer Boston

The place isn’t technically in Boston. It’s in Everett Massachusetts, a suburb. However, there was a decent view of the skyline.

Craft Beer Boston

Craft Beer Trucks and Trailers in Boston

While I was there, I shot some pictures of these trucks and trailers. Enjoy.

If you’ve never tried Brooklyn Brewery, keep an eye out for them where you shop. They make a Pre-Prohibition Style Ale that is amazing. Here they are on Instagram.

Unfortunately, I can’t find them where I live in Tennessee. So if you find them where you live, invite me over next time I’m in your area. ?


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