Bridges Truck Stop, or Cusseta Travel Plaza


I’m not sure if the place got sold, but it’s been operating under a different name for a couple of years now. Gone is the original Country Pride restaurant. In it’s place is Louie’s, a pretty decent chicken strip and wings joint. They also have a hot deli in the convenience store.

One thing to be aware of… the coffee is terrible. Not only is it bad, but they don’t carry any cream or milk. Just the powdered, non-dairy creamer. However, even aside from that, the coffee is just plain bad.

It’s also not a good spot for a bike ride. However, they do have a good size lot to go walking in. They also have a nice TV lounge upstairs, which leads me to the point of this post.

They’ve got some pretty weird but oddly cool stuff to look at there. So I figured I’d grab some pictures and throw up a gallery for you guys. Here you go.

Cusseta Travel Plaza Image Gallery:

If you ever deliver at Walmart in Opelika, it’s a good place to stop and take a break. Otherwise, it might not be worth your while. If you never get the chance to stop there, now you’ve seen what’s worth seeing.


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