Beers, Vapes, and Hot Off Of The Grill


It’s music to every trucker’s ears. It’s the reason we keep doing what we do. No, wait. That’s money. But the second best thing about trucking? Home time. So relax, slip into your flip flops, grab a brewski and a vape. We’re tossing some meat on the grill and enjoying the good life tonight. Beer, vapes, and hot off of the grill.

First things first, let’s talk about the beer.

Dead Guy Ale from ROGUE.

Dead Guy Ale

Dead Guy Ale is a great selection. I’m not a huge ale fan, but I love me some Dead Guy. It’s probably my second favorite ale ever. Not Quite Pale Ale #9 takes the top billing. However, it’s not available locally. Hence, I’m drinking Dead Guy.

At this point, a note of clarification is in order. Dead Guy comes in your standard ham and egger variety, which you see here. There’s also a limited edition which comes in a swing top bottle and costs about $15 each. Don’t waste your money. It’s not noticeably better than this stuff.

Nor does it need to be. Dead Guy Ale is fantastic. Slightly darker than your average ale, but neither bitter or heavy. It’s a better spring or fall beer than for summer. I know, I should’ve went with Sam Adams. However, I’m enjoying it.

The Vape

Chucking Clouds

The mod is the Pandora Blue from Purge. It’s a 20700 mech mod. The topper is the VGOD Elite RDTA. I’m vaping Heavenly Tobacco from Heather’s Heavenly Vapes. The slight sweetness goes fantastically well with the beer. This is my favorite tobacco flavor ever. It’s a spinoff of RY4, and very nicely done.

The Meat

We had steaks last night. Cowboy ribeyes. Hence, I went with chicken tonight. Boneless skinless chicken breasts, marinated in Heinz 57, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, onion and garlic for 6 hours. Seasoned with poultry seasoning and Weber dry rub. Grilled over charcoal and coated with Jim Beam Southern Tang BBQ sauce.

Finger licking good. But I used a fork.

The chicken came out great. It was juicy, and the sauce has a really nice flavor. A little kick but not too spicy. I cooked it with the juice from the marinade in the grill. I think that adds a little flavor too.

All said it was a nice relaxing supper. We ate on the back porch, and it’s a nice evening. Slight breeze, and not too hot. This is what home time is all about. Good food and good brews with the people you love.



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