05/28 Fitness Report: Rainy day blues.


No bike ride today. I was in a place where theoretically it could’ve happened. However, I woke up to rain which put a damper on that whole notion. Thus I had to stick with my steps.

I almost let the rain dissuade me from that as well, but I really didn’t want to miss a day. Plus, I was going to go in for a shower afterwards anyway, so it didn’t matter how wet I got.

FitBit results.

Fitness report for 05/28

As you can see, I fell short yesterday. However, with consideration for the weather, I did quite well. I got the full routine in with the exception of the mountain climbers. I didn’t want to slip and mess up a knee of something on the wet pavement.

The next two days could be iffy. I’m headed home, so I may or may not get time to get my steps in. Riding is highly unlikely. I’ll report either way, and if I lose some ground I’ll catch up while I’m at home.


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