05/27 Fitness Report: A biker is a biker.


I had a weird weekend. My load picked up in Streetsboro Oh at 6 PM. Hence, I stopped in Hubbard Ohio to take my break. It’s not a great place to go riding, but it’s passable. However, a funny thing happened on my way to 5 miles.

I have mentioned before that I use the Map My Ride app. Today was no exception. However, when I stopped for my break the app started crashing. Or so I thought. Actually, after the update it won’t allow you to manually resume your ride until you actually start riding.

Unaware of this development, I hit the “resume” button only to have it pause automatically. I try again with the same results. After several failed attempts, I decide to finish that ride and start a new one for the ride back.

As I’m straddling my bike losing this technological battle, I hear a horn. I turn to see a biker stopped at the traffic light behind me. “You alright over there” he asked? “Yeah, thanks. I’m good” I replied. Then, with an amused smile I shoved off down the hill. “I guess a biker is a biker”, I said to myself and the wind.

Anyway, good looking out Mr. Hubbard Ohio biker, whomever you were. The gesture was appreciated. On to the results.

The ride out:

The ride back:

Perhaps you noticed the much better time coming back. This is due to that long hill you see. It was tough biking going up, and smooth sailing coming down. Which leads me to another observation.

Compare the calorie counts. According to Map My Ride, I burned more calories coasting down the hill than I did peddling my ass up it. This is why I trust my FitBit more for burnt calorie reports. Although to be honest, I don’t fully trust either.

05/27 Fitness Report

It was a good day walking as well. Good, not great. I’m really happy with that hour and a half of exercise time. However, I’m disappointed with missing my five miles by 3/10ths. I’m gonna have to try harder today.

Remember, guys. A stepper is a stepper. So get to stepping and I’ll report back tomorrow.


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