05/26 Fitness Report: Mailing it in.


A great thing about a mediocre day. When you hit your 10,000 step goal yet you still feel lazy, you’re making some progress. That said, I did mail it in a little today. In large part I was a victim of circumstances. However, I still hit my goal… at 11:57 pm.

I delivered a load this morning that had a claim that wasn’t a claim. I was off to a good start. At 8 a.m. I had 5,000 steps and I should’ve been headed to bed. Unfortunately, confusing over the issue/non-issue with the load kept me up until 2 p.m. Hence, I slept until 10 and found myself rushing to hit my goal.

FitBit stats:

Fitness report for 05/26

I’m off to Ohio to grab a load headed back to Harrisburg. We’ll see if I can get a bike ride in tomorrow. I think maybe I can over in Youngstown.



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