05/25 Fitness Report. Still in Mifflinville.


My load didn’t pick up until 11PM over in Selinsgrove Pennsylvania, and this shipper doesn’t allow early arrivals. Mifflinville is 40 miles away. Furthermore, it’s a great place to go riding. Hence, I decided to just camp out there. Good decision.

Having hit 19,000 steps the previous day, the dogs were barking. Therefore I decided to go easy on the feet and focus primarily on riding. Again, good decision.

The ride part 2.

Following my 10 mile day, 7 and change seems lackluster for me. However, that’s a good workout for me. The map is similar to yesterday’s. Here are the stats.

I’m very happy with those results. Furthermore, it should be noted that I stayed in 2nd gear on the front side the entire way. Without hitting the top set of gears I was able to average 10 mph + and hit a top speed of 24. Granted, it was a downhill stretch, but not bad for 14th gear.

On to the footwork.

05/25 Fitness report

I’m not proud of those numbers, but I can live with them after yesterday’s performance. Plus with the bike miles added in, I still got over 10 for the day. Note to FitBit. Since I put my FitBit into biking mode and the tracker tells me the miles, shouldn’t that count towards my daily total?


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