05/23 Fitness Report: A stroll through the park.


Yesterday I stopped at the Pilot Travel Center in Bentleyville Pa. I wasn’t sure if this was a great place to ride a bike or not. It turns out that it is. I already had quite a few steps in, but also was running low on a couple items. While walking to the grocery store, I could see the sidewalk extended into town indefinitely. We’re going for a ride.

There’s a narrow shoulder alongside the sidewalk. If you’re trying to hustle, use that. Just watch out for the drains. Otherwise, easing it down the sidewalk you can ride into town. The useable riding area goes on for around 2 miles.

Alternatively, you can turn left on Washington at the traffic light by the Sunoco. Go up the hill and follow the signs to the park. They have a quarter mile track for riding or walking. You’ll see the track on the map below.

Bentleyville Pa bike ride.

I followed the main road into town, then swung by the park on my way back.

05/23 Fitness Report

Not only was it a good bike ride, but I had a good day walking too.

05/23 FitBit stats.

05/23 Fitness Report

If you’re a trucker who’s trying to get healthier, this is a good stop. Get some healthy food at the Giant Eagle next door, then go get some exercise. The park is also a lovely place to relax if you have the time.


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