05/22 Fitness Report: Night Rider


I had a drop and hook in Middlesbrough Kentucky last night. When you come out of the place there’s a wide spot where you can park. Hence, I pulled over and got the bike out. It was shortly after midnight. No problem. I’ve got head and taillights on the bike. Furthermore, I have a safety vest. So away I went.

The Midnight Ride of Trailer Trash

What a great ride it was too. This is a great little town to ride a bike through. Theoretically, one could park at the Pilot and ride down to town. It would be a hump, but it could possibly be done. I’m glad we load over there, however. I’m going to ride here again. Here’s the breakdown.

My top speed was low because it was dark out so I had to be careful. Plus, there were a ton of stop signs in that little town. Bad for speed, good for working out the legs.

FitBit stats for 05/22

Fitness report for 05/22

As you can see, I missed my 5 mile mark by an eyelash. I can live with that. My biking and walking for the day put me over 10 miles.

I’m headed to Pennsylvania next. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get a bike ride in there. It depends on how far I make it before I have to stop for the day.


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