05/20 Fitness Report. Skating by.


To be clear, this wasn’t a banner day. Did I hit my step goal? Yes. Barely. However, I did not get a bike ride in and my goal hit alert went off at 11:52 PM. Yesterday I clearly skated by. Yet, a win is a win so I’ll take it.

I dropped a load at Walmart in Washington Court House Ohio. Thus, I took my break at the Loves in Jeffersonville Ohio. To be honest, I could’ve gotten a ride in here. However, I had to keep my break short so the ride or the shower had to go. Therefore, I’m clean but less exerted.

I did get my traditional routine in. This involves (in addition to walking) 35 pushups, 40 each of mountain climbers and side straddle hops, and 25 each of lunges and duck walk steps. I’m sure I look ridiculous, but try it some time. The burn says it’s working.

FitBit stats for 5/20.

I hit all my goals except for miles. Missed that one by nearly 4/10ths. Oh well, today is a new day and I’m off to a great start. It’s currently 7:26 am and I’m at 4,291 steps. I’ll try to turn the page and turn them all green today.


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