05/19 Fitness Report: Another Ride in White House


I found myself back in White House TN yesterday, and that’s always a good place to get some exercise. I didn’t go to the vape shop this time, but I did walk to Walmart to get a couple of things I needed. It’s always a nice walk over there, and between the trip there and back and walking through the store you’re good for a couple thousand steps.

I was a bit concerned with the weather. It was overcast and rain was moving in. However, it hadn’t started by the time I got back so I set off for my bike ride.

Unfortunately, the incoming rain had stirred up some pretty good wind. Hence I had a strong headwind on the way out. That, combined with the hills in the area, made for some pretty tough riding. However, on the return trip I took advantage of that wind in my back and hit a top speed of nearly 28 mph.

Bike stats for May 19th.

FitBit stats for May 19th.

As you can see, it was an all around good workout day. The key is getting your work in one way or another. The bike ride makes it easier, but when you can’t ride try to get some extra steps. Yesterday I was able to do both, and that makes for a great day.


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